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Through Continuous testing and Research Development under the close co-operation with worldwide
famous thermoplastic material / screw-barrel supplier , SKS extruders are at International advanced level.


Special Features of SKS Extruders
- Advanced screw-barrel design to ensure high output ( for 150 extruder,
output 1300 kg/hr was measured)
- Uniform output with high linearity, low energy consumption
- Screw and barrel are made top wear-resistant material and nitrated, long life
- Suitable for extrusion of various PE, PP, PVC, XLPE, HFFR compounds
- High quality gear reducer is used for long life and durable service
- Ceramic heaters are used for barrel with low thermal inertia and stable temp.
- Stable and accurate thermo-regulation with high efficient cooling
- Driven motor with encoder to ensure precise control of screw speed
- Melt pressure / temperature sensor are used to monitor the extrusion pressure
and temperature at the exit

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